The Plot Thickens

Ah, a nice new blog to talk about my nice new allotment.

We found out on friday – we’ve been on the waiting list for 8 years, give or take. Turns out they had one going spare as the guy who used to have it passed away last year, but the council hadn’t sorted out transferring it to the next person on the list. It would have been nice to have it earlier in the year so we could get some more stuff in this year, but heigh ho.

It’s a half plot, so is about 5m by 20m. And boy, is it overgrown. Poppies to shoulder height, *massive* dock leaves, nettles, the works.

But, it’s only been uncultivated for a year, so nothing *too* serious going on in there. And as we were having a look at it, one of our other neighbours turned up and said that he had a petrol strimmer on loan from the school and would happily strim it all down for us.


It now looks like this:
allotment - june2010

We’ve gone for the right hand side of the plot – it’s got an apple tree and two damson trees on it already, plus redcurrants.



The other half had redcurrants and blackcurrants, but no fruit trees. Our half is slightly more shady as the plot next to it has loads of apple trees, but still gets a good lot of sun for most of the day.

Very excited. Lots of hard work, but we’ll finally get to grow decent amounts of our own fruit and veg, and can put the garden back to being a garden rather than having veggies crammed in everywhere. K’s mum is also excited as she’ll be able to use some of it and get her garden back.

Also, our neighbour has just built his own apple press so he can make his own cider. Hmm. Perhaps a pear tree is next…


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