Friday Flash Fiction

One from the archives, a bit of fun with Mr Pratchett’s Discworld


The Library of the Unseen University was quiet and empty, which was just the way the Librarian liked it. Peeling a banana with one foot, he flicked happily through the latest copy of Librarian Worlde. He’d just found an interesting article on how to look after grimoires when the door crashed open.

Two student wizards ambled in, chatting noisily. The Librarian put his banana down, very slowly and deliberately. There was an extensive list of things that annoyed him, and the two students had racked up an impressive amount of them in the three seconds since entering the room. First years, clearly. He’d have to make some allowances. Perhaps.

The taller of the two approached the desk, throwing his book down with casual disdain. The Librarian mentally crossed another item off his list. The student continued his conversation, putting forth his opinion both at high volume and, in the opinion of the Librarian, very badly. The student broke off and turned. “I’ve finished with that, my good man. Where do you keep your…” His mouth fell open

“Good god, it’s a monk…”

The Librarian happily crossed the final item off his list as he picked up the student by his ears. Perhaps today was improving, after all. The Grimoires in the Special Collection deserved a treat. They’d not been fed for months

Author: dave

Book reviewer, occasional writer, photographer, coffee-lover, cyclist, spoon carver and stationery geek.

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