Lego Tourist Guy


Meet Lego Tourist Guy. We were in the Lego shop in Meadowhall today and saw that you could make your own minifigs, three for £3.50. Ed rustled up a shufty-looking burglar, Lily built a princess (complete with wand) and I created Lego Tourist Guy. I think he’ll enjoy visiting the sites in Leeds with his trusty camera. He needs a name though. Any suggestions?

Author: dave

Book reviewer, occasional writer, photographer, coffee-lover, cyclist, spoon carver and stationery geek.

5 thoughts on “Lego Tourist Guy”

  1. HL. It stands for: headless, heartless, hatless, Hello Lads!, Highfive… lads. Versitile name, I thought. We once met a child on a plane called TJ – curiously it didn’t stand for anything, not even Tom Jones. HL is up there with the best in the travelling world, evidently.

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