building a bike

This morning I saw a great article on the BBC News website: How to build a bike: The revival of a British craft. Thanks to Mark Fairhurst for the heads-up. Go check his website out, he does some brilliant cycling art.

The Beeb article is well worth a read, as is Robert Penn‘s excellent book It’s All About the Bike.

I’d *love* a custom-built bike, but sadly it’s probably always going to be out of my price range (lottery win notwithstanding).I keep toying with the idea of going on a frame building or wheel buliding course. Maybe one day. I think I’ll stick to tinkering with the bikes I’ve got for now. 

I mentioned the other day that I’d like to do up my old MTB and get it up and running again. I’ve done a bit of poking around and reckon that it won’t take much for it to happen. Ebay seems to be a great (cheap) resource for bike bits – I definitely need a new front derailleur, probably some new gear cables. Maybe swap out the whole drivetrain.

I also want to pick up some new bar-ends – I swapped the battered old ones from my MTB onto the Boardman last year, leaving the MTB with horrible cut-off grips. This is despite being (wrongly) informed by Halfords guy that I’d need new handlebar grips to do so! They’re a bit old and battered, but match the MTB nicely. New bar-ends for the Boardman then.

New bikes? Pah. Who needs ’em? 🙂

Author: dave

Book reviewer, occasional writer, photographer, coffee-lover, cyclist, spoon carver and stationery geek.

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