6 thoughts on “Clock”

  1. This is beautiful! I was looking at some big ones in my yard today, and remembering blowing them to ‘tell the time’ when I was a child. I can’t remember who taught me to do that, but whoever it was, obviously wasn’t concerned about the seeds spreading to fill their garden with future dandelions,

    1. My kids used to love doing that too. I quite like dandelions – they’re jolly and bright and the seed-heads are quite pretty.

  2. Beautiful photo. Looks just like my allotment – which was covered in them until Wednesday, when I had to scramble around with a binliner and try to capture as many as I could so they didn’t blow into the plot next door. I wouldn’t have bothered, but for the stern gaze of Bill-next-door who has just had open heart surgery and yet has a plot as immaculate as ever. I’m definitely the weak link on our site …

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