5 thoughts on “Ask me anything”

  1. How you *you make a hard-boiled egg? Add eggs to cold water, then boil; or to already-boiling water, then remove from heat and let sit? I really do ask this question a lot and there is no consensus yet. Confounding. Do you like eggs? Do eggs factor into any childhood memories?

    1. I don’t generally make hard-boiled eggs, not being a huge fan of them. If pressed, I would add a room-temperature egg to a pan of cold water, bring to the boil, set the timer for 3 minutes and wait.

      I’m quite fond of fried eggs in a bacon sandwich, or with a plate of chips and a gammon steak. Or in other things – my spicy egg fried rice is rather delicious and depends heavily on the spicy eggs.

    1. ooh, now there’s a good question. I certainly find photography easier than the writing, but I do enjoy both.

      I think I’d go with photography – it’s huge fun and when you’re done, you’ve got something that anyone can enjoy and there’s nothing quite like catching the *perfect* moment.

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