Today’s subject for Blog Every Day in November is Fashion.

Hmm. I’d be the first to admit that fashion in clothes really isn’t my thing. Work-wise it’s a fairly standard M&S ensemble – dark trousers, white shirt, jumper. Utterly predictable though I did buy a new jumper recently in that trendy burgundy/raspberry-ish colour.

I know. Check me out. On trend.

Out of work it’s a similar story. Comfy jeans from Gap (sale, obv.), assorted t-shirts, a variety of fleeces. Occasional shirt, shorts (nice comfy long ones) wherever possible.

I used to be more interested in designer labels when I was younger – I had a lovely Ted Baker t-shirt which was, for me, eye-wateringly expensive. And when Harvey Nicks opened in Leeds I bought a pair of equally expensive CK jeans in a sort of dusky raspberry colour.

Look, I was young & daft, ok? Couldn’t get a thing to go with them so I think they ended up in the charity shop. Shame, as they’d be trendy now! Maybe I’m just years ahead of my time…

I also had a collection of rather nice ties, including a beautiful green Armani one and several from Liberty. Ties appear to be *so* last century though.

I’m sometimes slightly envious of the likes of George Clooney and Tom Hiddleston who appear to be effortlessly cool in sharp tailored suits and shirts. I’d love a made-to-measure custom tailored three-piece suit and sharp shirt to go with, but lack the funds and the occasion on which to wear it.

Maybe one day…

Author: dave

Book reviewer, occasional writer, photographer, coffee-lover, cyclist, spoon carver and stationery geek.

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