Let it go

Let it Go, as performed by the brilliant Idina Menzel from Disney’s Frozen. We went to see this film over the christmas holidays and loved it. Great story, fabulous characters and some wonderful songs. This has to be the standout one though, and has, quite rightly, been nominated for Best Song at the Oscars.

Now need to introduce daughter to Wicked, which also features Idina Menzel…

Author: dave

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3 thoughts on “Let it go”

  1. 2m25s – Goosebumps!!

    So much love for Frozen from me on sooo many levels!

    Wonderful to see a Disney film with strong female leads. Want to say more about the whole ‘act of true love’ thing but don’t want to post any spoilers in my comments.

    The soundtrack is wonderful, we have it on repeat in our house, and I also have a YouTube playlist of various songs and sequences from the film which we play on the big telly via the virgin media YouTube app on our TiVo box.

    ‘In Summer’ is pure genius (we love Olaf!), with ‘Reindeers are Better than People’ and ‘Fixer Upper’ also adding great comedy value.

    I think my favourite song is the reprise of First Time in Forever in the ice palace… Anna’s pure faith in her & Elsa’s ability to overcome anything together… Elsa’s palpable fear and frustration culminating in the huge ‘I CAN’T!’ at the end… I find it really moving and it practically brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.

    Counting down to the blu-ray release – have already dropped hints to the kids that the timing coincides beautifully with Mothers Day… 🙂

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