Friday roundup

Trying something new on the blog – a roundup of some of the funky stuff I’ve found during the week, either mooching about online or via Twitter/Facebook.

For those interested, I’m using a combination of IFTTT to scrape Twitter for tweets I’ve favourited – it them dumps them into an Evernote folder. Also using the Evernote web clipper tool, which is pretty groovy.

So, onto the wonderful things.

First up, Amazon are getting keen with season 8 of Doctor Who up for pre-order. The early reviews are worth a look. Well played, amazon reviewers!

Then we have some wildly detailed drawings that combine math and butterflies courtesy of Wired. The drawings are wonderfully complex and done completely by hand. I am in generally awe of anyone who can draw, but these pictures are simply stunning.

NYC artist Jon Burgerman uses movie subway posters to highlight violence & gore. Interesting idea. (HT to @Jamie_McHale for the tweet)

On the subject of movies, here are 100 famous movie quotes as charts.

And finally a timelapse video of a cruise ship being cut in half and extended. (via

Tweets of the week:

I know I won’t be sleeping tonight. Thanks Liz!

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