14 thoughts on “bloglovin’”

    1. Could be – I’ve had a load of views (relatively speaking) on the recent Harry Potter posts, but nothing via Bloglovin’, which was what made me wonder if I’ve not got it linked up properly or have a settting missing!

  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.
    Most of the time for me, because they come through to my email, I read the post in the email, and forget about the section at the bottom where I can like, although the email view does’t allow me to share through g+ (or through twitter / facebook etc – if I had acounts).
    I will endeavour to go to the site directly to read the posts, and like / share the ones I enjoy 🙂

    1. Thanks Tori.

      I suspect (now I give it more thought) that it’s down to how I promote the blog – it goes out to people who sign up to get the emails like yourself, and I regularly tweet the link to the post itself, which explains the views/visits. I don’t push the Bloglovin’ bit though – I’ll have to look and see if there’s a setting there I’m missing!

    1. could be! I know I’m a little sporadic in posting 🙂

      I just wonder if I’ve not set it up properly or something – I had a load of views/visits to the recent Harry Potter posts, but nothing from Bloglovin’. Maybe I need to set it up to tweet from there when I post… More investigation required! 🙂

      1. My bloglovin seems to tweet an hour after the wordpress tweet which is quite useful. I was also sent an email from bloglovin to help generate the most traffic from it a while back. I’ll dig it out

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