Writing librarians

Remember last time when I talked about NaNoWriMo, and being thrown off my writing game by seeing the trailer for The Librarians as it looked so close to the proposed characters and setting for my story?

What do you mean, no? Click on the link! Go read it. I’ll wait.

All caught up? Excellent.

Well, I watched the season premiere of The Librarians last night. It was gloriously silly and a huge amount of pure cheesy fun.

What it wasn’t was anything like what I’d expected it to be. The characters were splendidly archetypal – the cop, the clever one, the thief, the muscle, and so on, and they ran round doing fun things, rattling off snappy one-liners as they went. There was some mcguffinery about losing The Library, Noah Wyle ran around in a waistcoat and a cravat channelling Matt Smith and appeared to be having a splendid time.

But it wasn’t what I thought it would be. It didn’t bear any resemblance to my story, other than it was set (sort of) in a library.


I also mentioned that I’d got a copy of Genevieve Cogman’s The Invisible Library. Well, I’ve finished that too. Also splendid fun, and again, whilst set in a library and starring excellent librarian characters (and dragons) bears no resemblance to the story I had in my head. Also about 500% better written than The Librarians, with more of a plot, a better Library and a Holmes-like consulting detective.

Highly recommended. You should go order it.

So, I guess there’s nothing stopping me now.

Now go away. I’m writing.

Author: dave

Book reviewer, occasional writer, photographer, coffee-lover, cyclist, spoon carver and stationery geek.

4 thoughts on “Writing librarians”

  1. So this means you’ll be writing your idea!? I dearly hope so! I’m enjoying watching the show, but I must admit, it’s nowhere nearly as cool as I’d thought it would be. It all seems a bit cheesy and light – they beat the bad guys easily, the fight scenes are terribly choreographed and look obviously fake/unconvincing, there doesn’t seem to be a great depth in the world/characters/costumes/etc and the like (though perhaps and hopefully that will develop)… I am sure you could do much better! šŸ™‚

    1. Yeah – I think that my idea is different enough to follow it through. The show is a lot of fun, but as you say, it’s missing something. The fight scenes are terrible!

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