Spectre – trailer review

Ah, Mister Bond. We’ve been expecting you.


The new teaser trailer for Spectre (or is it SPECTRE?) has been released. Let’s take a look, shall we?


We open with a shot of the destroyed MI6. Clearly we’re hot on the heels of Skyfall here. I’ve rambled on about what I think about Skyfall before, and the tone of this trailer feels *very* Skyfall-esque. I’m a happy Bond geek at this point.

spectre01 - Moneypenny

Moneypenny is back! Hurrah. Let’s hope that we see her back in action again. Having rebooted her character in Skyfall, I’d really like to see her away from the desk and in the thick of it with Bond.


“Personal effects they recovered from Skyfall. You’ve got a secret…”

(note M’s china bulldog on the table)

spectre02 - bulldog

Bond looks over the paperwork. Guardianship forms and an old photograph.


spectre03 - Oberhauser

Interesting – the name on the guardianship form is one Hannes Oberhauser. Now, in Octopussy and The Living Daylights (the book, not the movies) Oberhauser taught Bond to ski when he was in his teens and Bond very much regarded him as a father figure after his own parents were killed. We know that Christoph Waltz is playing Franz Oberhauser. Could he be the son of the late Hannes Oberhauser?

“Something you can’t tell anyone. Because you can’t trust anyone.”


The photo is interesting too – I’m assuming that this is the young Master Bond with Oberhauser. Who is the figure on the right though, and why is their face obscured?

Cut to Bond, on a boat. He does like standing on boats, doesn’t he?


“I always knew that death would wear a familiar face. But not yours.”

That voice does sound rather familiar…

Cut to a funeral. First sign of Lucia Sciarra (Monica Belluci). At fifty, she’s the oldest woman to play a Bond leading lady.


“I was in a meeting recently and your name came up.”

And the obligatory Aston Martin shot. The utterly beautiful (is there any other sort?) Aston Martin DB10, created especially for the movie. I’m not complaining. It’s gorgeous.


“I’m flattered London are still talking about me.”


“It wasn’t MI6.”

And now we see the Spectre octopus ring. We’ve seen SPECTRE rings before in From Russia With Love and Thunderball and we’ve already seen there’s a link to Octopussy with Oberhauser. Coincidence? Interesting to see that this octopus only has seven tentacles. And is that some kind of gem (or, knowing Bond, some kind of micro spy camera gizmo?)


Ah, Mister White. We meet again. Last seen in Quantum of Solace hotfooting it away from Bond after escaping interrogation. Again, I’ve talked about Quantum of Solace before, and recall wondering if the shadowy Quantum could turn out to be SMERSH or SPECTRE. It looks like we might find out!

Jesper Christensen looks a little more dishevelled this time around though.


“You are a kite, dancing in a hurricane Mister Bond.”

And the payoff. A truly Bondian shadowy villain. All that’s missing is a cat. White, of course.


“Welcome James. It’s been a long time.
and finally, here we are.”

Assuming that this is Oberhauser Jr, could he and Bond have spent some time together when they were in their teens? Could be an interesting angle.

What’s that on the table next to him? Looks like it could be some kind of VR headset? Intriguing!

spectre13 - glasses

Gunshot. Fade to…


And there we have it. One minute and thirty seven seconds of Bond.

Rumour has it that Spectre and Bond 25 have been plotted with a multi-film arc. Much like Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace – and if we’re seeing how Quantum and Mister White fit in, could they all make up a four movie story? Will SPECTRE be formed from the remnants of Quantum?

Could it be that at the end of this one we find out that Oberhauser is merely the right-hand man of one Ernst Stavro Blofeld…?

I guess we’ll find out later in the year…

all images taken from the official trailer and copyright EON Productions

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