Game of Thrones – The Dance of Dragons (S05E09)

Hello! I’ve been meaning to ramble on about Game of Thrones for a while, but tonight’s episode made me properly cross.

Here’s a Bad Character. Look! He’s even WORSE than you thought! He’s PROPERLY EVIL. So PROPERLY EVIL that Good Character (relatively speaking) has all the more reason to kill him.

It’s just lazy story construction. We know he’s bad (I’m being deliberately vague because SPOILERS). We’ve been watching *and* paying attention.

I’ve not read the books bar the first one as I didn’t get on with GRRM’s writing style – there’s a good story in there, but obscured by a million irrelevant characters who usually end up dead, so don’t know if these events actually occur in the books.

Spoilers in the comments, perhaps.


Someone give the Unsullied swords. Much better in close-quarters combat than those long spears.

Where did the guys wearing loincloths hide their Harpy masks? No, don’t answer that.

AND! Why did Jon have to walk up to the Wall? Why not just sail *around* the wall, on the ship he was on last week?


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4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – The Dance of Dragons (S05E09)”

  1. Some of it has happened in the books, as well, but a lot has been changed; multiple characters condensed into one, other important ones eliminated for “brevity”, and others killed off in the show but not the book, etc.

    And as far as the bad guy to whom you refer goes, the show runners did the double setup during that one episode to not only attempt to fool us into complacency about how he actually operates AND told about how serious grayscale is – so that when we see it surface later we know how bad it could get – all in one fell swoop. That was pretty genius, actually. However, it does kind of make you feel played, as a viewer, on this last episode where YouKnowWho shows his true colors.

    1. I could understand if, say Stannis was off trying to take Winterfell and Melisandre was back at the camp and talked mother into the sacrifice to save Stannis and his quest for the throne, but I don’t believe in him standing there letting it happen.

      The other was Meryn Trant – we know he’s a git of the highest order. Do we really need to see that he’s into little girls as well? Same went for Sansa/Ramsey – there was nothing to be gained from the rape scene, narratively speaking. We know he’s done appalling things and she (and Theon) already have a million reasons to hate him.

  2. What got me was how Dani was there, facing her final moments bravely, holding hands with her literal handmaiden and seeing her friends sacrifice themselves in her name. Then she remembered she had a dragon. Suddenly it was all like “F**k this noise” and she left ’em in the arena.

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