The Fallout Diaries: Weird and wonderful tales from the wasteland


Fallout 4 is the first of the Fallout series that I’ve played. Initially it was just another game until I found out that it was made by Bethesda, the creators of Skyrim.

Sidenote: I *love* Skyrim. I lost weeks and months to the game when it came out. I would spend hours wandering around getting horribly distracted from the main quest (80+ hours of gameplay later and I think I’m still only about a third of the way through it).

There was so much to see and do – if you could see it, you could (generally) go there. You could spend an hour mining and forging new weapons, decorating your house, joining up with one side or another and questing into the mountains. You could even get married – my Skyrim husband Farkas and I had a lovely ceremony attended by many of our Companion friends, at which point he promptly went missing for *weeks*. Turns out he’d decided to walk home halfway across the map. Silly boy. Then he insisted on tidying up my collection of troll skulls but brought in a decent-ish income. He also didn’t seem to mind my follower Lydia turning up at my house at all hours of the day and night. The troll skull tidying got on my nerves though. I might need a divorce.

And this one time I was wandering through the mountains when a horse fell out of the sky. I kid you not. I suspect dragon involvement, but you can never be too sure. Then there was another occasion where I was called in to sort out a bear on the rampage, then discovered it in a locked house in Markarth behind a locked gate. How on earth did it get in there?

Then there was the time I was wandering around in my enchanted glass armour wielding twin glass war axes when a skinny dude in a loincloth leaped out brandishing what can only be described as a stick, screaming that I was going to die.

Dude. See the shiny glass armour? See the very *very* sharp glass war axes? *THUD*

SEE? See how easy it is to get lost in the game?

Where was I? Oh yes, Fallout.

So, when I found out that Fallout 4 was built by the same people, I got more excited. Pre-release, I watched a ton of reviews, read a load of articles. Excitement level grew.

Now the game is here. I foresee many adventures, some of which may be worthy of the Fallout Diaries.

Who’s with me?

Author: dave

Book reviewer, occasional writer, photographer, coffee-lover, cyclist, spoon carver and stationery geek.

8 thoughts on “The Fallout Diaries: Weird and wonderful tales from the wasteland”

  1. Alan just said to tell you that he has been playing Skyrim on Oculus Rift – took hours to set it up and he now informs me that he needs a better PC in order to full appreciate the gameplay – even though he just spent approx £1500 on a new PC three months ago 😦

    1. and as for Fallout 4 – I finally got him to stop playing about 2 hours ago, by reminding him that he has an assignment due Friday, and we are out tomorrow so he will not have a chance to do it then.

      1. I got home to find that Ed had unplugged the xbox and moved it upstairs so he could play whilst his sister watched telly!

      1. Alan got the DK2 shipped in a few weeks back, and it is surprisingly good. He’s mostly been playing Elite (works really well with space). It is shocking how many games there out for it. I got eaten by a shark on Ocean Rift – didn’t see it coming and shook from the impact. I ripped it off my head – it was a little bit traumatising.
        He can play Fallout 3 with the rift, but is waiting for the ejectors to be developed (hopefully in the next week or so), so he can then use it on 4.

  2. Installed the game yesterday. Was reluctant as I am playing Witcher III (which in my humble opinion is MUCH better than Skyrim (which I LOVED). Just managed to make a character and shoot some roaches before I had to go to sleep though! 😉

    1. Ed had Witcher III but couldn’t get into it (and he loved Skyrim). He’s bought a few games recently, but keeps nicking my xbox to play Fallout!

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