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Hello, dear reader,

Today’s post is all about you. Well, not you personally, but about readers and reading groups.

I’ve been asked if I would host a stop on Steve Cavanagh’s blog tour. Steve’s first book, The Defence, is the first in a series of novels set in New York featuring former con artist and gifted trial attorney, Eddie Flynn.
Steve Cavanagh - The Defence

Steve’s new book, The Plea, is published on 19th May.

Steve Cavanagh - The Plea

Various reading groups around the country got stuck into The Defence – here’s a sample of their feedback.

Let’s start with the wonderfully named Novel Ideas Book Club at St Bede’s School, Durham. Here they are!

‘This book is a great escape – Eddie Flynn is a clever guy, sharp and observational – I particularly enjoyed his observations regarding the jury. It made me question the credibility of the jury – are they so open to manipulation? Overall it kept me entertained on a daily basis. I would certainly read more Steve Cavanagh.’

As you’d expect, not every review is glowing! One reader commented, ‘Surely his knees would have been dirtier than they seemed after crawling along filthy ledges, but I’m nitpicking.’

I’m intrigued by that comment – what exactly was Eddie Flynn up to?
They also said that The Defence had a ‘fast-paced and clever plot. I very much enjoyed this book and would certainly read the next one. Short, sharp and to the point … would easily be made into a movie!’

‘… the story kept you guessing all the way through … I would recommend this to everyone’

Caerphilly Bookworms (@CaerphillyLib) thought it was ‘A gripping tale with great detail of the judicial process’, and ‘A real hit from beginning to end. The plot grabs you and takes you on a real adventure. A good plot, great characters and a satisfying conclusion.’

Then we’ve got Houghton Book Club (and what a lot of them there are!). They can be found at and on twitter @buactivecumbria.

The Defence @ Houghton Book Club

‘More twists and turns than a rollercoaster’, and ‘A gripping fast paced action packed page turner, reeling you in from the start with more twists and turns than a coiled spring’.

So, pretty twisty then. 🙂

On to the Macclesfield Speedy Readers. I spy wine and Pringles…

Speedy Readers‘Suspenseful and entertaining, right up to the final line’, and ‘There were plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep me entertained.’

Last, but by no means least, we heard from the Pendleford Library Hub Readers.

Pendford Library Reader's Hub

‘Phew, I had my own breathless 45 hours reading this exhilarating book! I was certainly on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next move.’

‘An engaging thriller with very well-researched twists and suspense, showing a thorough knowledge of both the criminal and justice worlds.’

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback. It was fascinating to see what you all thought!

Are you part of a reading group or looking to join one? Visit a place to discover a reading group near you, new books, prizes and exclusive offers.

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Reading Groups for Everyone is run by national charity The Reading Agency, who organised this reading group project in partnership with Orion Books.

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