Beast in the Basement – Jason Arnopp

Beast in the Basement

In a big house in the countryside, a recently bereaved and increasingly unstable author toils over a novel which will close the best-selling trilogy of Jade Nexus fantasy books.

Speculation and rumour are rife among hardcore Jade Nexus fans that their heroine will die at the novel’s conclusion – a possibility against which they loudly protest via social media as the release date nears.

How do you deal with grief, under such intense pressure? How do you cope with distractions from your work such as a violent intruder, panicked messages from your agent and a potential love interest moving into the cottage across the field? And far worse than any of those problems… what do you do about the Beast in your basement?

BEAST IN THE BASEMENT is a contemporary horror-thriller novella about obsession, revenge, censorship, blame culture and personal responsibility. A dark tale with a kick like a mule.

I’ve been trying hard not to acquire too many new books lately, but this pinged up on my radar earlier today courtesy of Gordon over at Grab This Book. Various people had been pointing me at Jason Arnopp’s The Last Days of Jack Sparks for weeks now, so that plus Gordon’s review lead me to click. After all, it was only a couple of quid and a novella. I’m sure I could squeeze it into the reading schedule at some point, right?

An hour later and I’d finished. What a corking short story Mr Arnopp has cooked up for us. Deliciously dark and twisty, It’s hard to write more without spoiling it, and you want to go in as I did, fresh and untainted by any expectations.

Suffice it to say that The Beast in the Basement is a glorious dark novella. As Gordon says:

Don’t spoil it for anyone.

Only discuss it with people that have also read the book.

Tell others to read it too.

This is me telling you to read it. And if The Beast in the Basement is anything to go by, Mr Arnopp is an author to watch very *very* closely indeed. Just make sure the door to the basement is firmly locked.

You have checked, haven’t you…?

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