January round-up

Right, that’s January out of the way. Time for a round-up! Or is it roundup? I’m never sure.

Anyhoo. All the cool kids are doing round-ups/wrap-ups/stuff about their month, so I figured I’d join in.

As seen on damppebbles’ Case Closed and Jo’s Beat the Backlist Challenge update, this may well turn into a regular thing. Maybe even monthly, eh? 🙂

Blog posts

Seven blog posts this month. All based around blog tours.
Two extracts, both from brilliant books:

Two fabulous guest posts (thanks CJ and Tim)

And three reviews:

Note to self: Must write more non-blog tour stuff. They’re fun to join in, but I want to do more of my own stuff.

Books read in January:

  • The Dry (review copy)
  • Steal Like an Artist (christmas present)
  • Warren the 13th and the Whispering Woods (review copy)
  • Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye (review copy)
  • All the Missing Girls (review copy)
  • Burned and Broken (review copy)
  • Year of No Clutter (review copy)

All great. The Dry was superb, Steal Like An Artist was inspirational, and Warren the 13th was huge fun with some brilliant artwork. Burned and Broken was reviewed. I’m on the blog tour for All the Missing Girls later in February.

Year of No Clutter was awesome – more on that closer to the publication date, but it made me look at the piles of stuff (and yes, books) that I possess in a new way. Recognised a lot of myself in that book.

Currently reading

  • Cursed – Thomas Enger (started in Jan 2017 for a blog tour in Feb)
  • The Burning Page – Genevieve Cogman (Jan 2017 – kindle)
  • The Ninth Rain – Jen Williams (Jan 2017 – ARC)
  • Defender – GX Todd (Jan 2017 – ARC)
  • Spiderlight – Adrian Tchaikovsky (bought in Sep 2016 when it first came out)
  • The Shadow of What Was Lost – James Islington (ARC received in Sep 2016)
  • Moskva – Jack Grimwood (NetGalley from June 2016)
  • Nimona – Noelle Stevenson (bought in Jan 2016)
  • A Burglar’s Guide to the City – Geoff Manaugh (bought in umm, late 2016?)

Yikes. That’s a lot, even for me. As you can tell, I start reading books then get horribly distracted by, erm, other books. Mmm, books.

The TBR Pile Update

I decided that I needed to take control of the TBR pile, both physical and virtual, so spent a merry hour exporting a list of books on my Kindle then wandering around the house taking photos of piles of books.

Currently I’ve got 66 review copies of books – 42 hard copy/ARCs, 21 on my NetGalley shelf, and 3 other ebooks sent by lovely publishers (*waves at Karen from Orenda*)

On top of that,  I’ve got 96 of my own purchased books: 25 in hard copy and 71 on kindle. Crikey. I knew I was a sucker for the 99p kindle sales but that’s just silly.

So, job for February: Finish the currently reading list. Crack into the NetGalley TBR pile.

Right. Best get reading!

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Book reviewer, occasional writer, photographer, coffee-lover, cyclist, spoon carver and stationery geek.

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