The Year of No Clutter – Eve Schaub

Eve has a problem with clutter. Too much stuff and too easily acquired, it confronts her in every corner and on every surface in her house. When she pledges to tackle the worst offender, her horror of a “Hell Room,” she anticipates finally being able to throw away all of the unnecessary things she can’t bring herself to part with: her fifth-grade report card, dried-up art supplies, an old vinyl raincoat.

But what Eve discovers isn’t just old CDs and outdated clothing, but a fierce desire within herself to hold on to her identity. Our things represent our memories, our history, a million tiny reference points in our lives. If we throw our stuff in the trash, where does that leave us? And if we don’t…how do we know what’s really important?

Year of No Clutter is a fantastic, thought-provoking read. Part memoir, part guide, it’s a funny (and often hilarious) look at our obsession with Stuff. How do you even start going through the accumulated gubbins of a lifetime? It’s easy to relate to – I’m sure we’ve all got boxes of things stashed away because they bring back memories, or for sentimental reasons and I loved following Eve’s year-long quest to sort out her ‘Hell Room’.

If you’re looking for a ‘how to sort my clutter out’ book, then this isn’t it. However, if you want to follow Eve’s very personal journey to a clutter-free (well, if not clutter-free, then certainly less cluttered) life, I can highly recommend this.

The Year of No Clutter by Eve O. Schaub is out now. You can find Eve on twitter @eveschaub or at her website

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One thought on “The Year of No Clutter – Eve Schaub”

  1. Weirdly, I don’t keep much, but my mother is a queen at finding sentimental value to everything, hence the amount of boxes full of old stuff!!! This sounds like a fun read!

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