On 14th March 2003, I wrote my first blog post.

That was over on Livejournal (remember that, kids?), where I racked up quite a lot of posts. Now some of those are cross-posted from here, but I reckon a good 90% were unique to LJ.

Now the bit I miss most is the comments – LJ felt like a real community where you’d check in a couple of times a day to see what was going on around the world, or to chew the fat in the comments section on a post, often diverting wildly from the original topic.

Bit like twitter really. Twitter has kind of taken over from LJ in that regard, for me at least.

I’ve made a huge number of friends from blogging over the years, and it makes me a little sad to think that I might never actually meet most of them in person. A while back I sent out a small moleskine notebook on a trip around the world and my LJ friends – one person would get it, write something (anything) in there, then when they were done we’d look for a couple of volunteers and send it on its way again. I got it back a few years ago and it’s full (well, half-full) of wonderful things, memories and thoughts and general musings from people I know but might never meet. It even got as far as the White House, just after Obama’s inauguration!

So, happy blogging birthday to me.

Espresso coco, on the other hand, celebrates *its* birthday at the end of the month. 🙂

Do you have a blog? How long have you been blogging? Drop me a link in the comments!

Author: dave

Book reviewer, occasional writer, photographer, coffee-lover, cyclist, spoon carver and stationery geek.

15 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. Happy Blogging Birthday! I see that we were both at Hull Noir 2017 but I didn’t see (or recognise?) you. Hope to meet at another event one day!

    1. Yes, that would be great! There were a few people at Hull Noir who I meant to say hello to, but it always feels a bit odd going up to people to introduce myself!

    1. Thanks! It’s a shame that LJ had gone so quiet by the time I got it back, there were still quite a few people on the list who were interested in adding to it, but I’ve got no way of contacting them. Ah well, it’s a lovely little memento. One of my friends made a little glass bead for the ribbon bookmark which was a fantastic touch!

  2. Wow, congrats and happy blogiversary😁 I was never involved with LJ but that’s great that you had such a fantastic experience, and I love that you sent a “live journal” around the world! I’ve been blogging on WordPress for nearly 8 years, started in July of 2011😁

  3. Every Day Should Be Tuesday has its 4 year blogiversary coming up at the end of May and Hillbilly Highways has its 1 year blogiversary coming up at the beginning of June. July will mark my 8th full year reviewing books at Amazon.

  4. That cake looks delicious. I started blogging on Windows Live Spaces about 11 years ago and then migrated to WordPress almost 10 years ago. This blog has had many flavours and if anyone were to delve into the archives they’d probably be surprised to read about my online dating adventures and various drunken escapades.

    I have met a number of my blogging friends in person. The most lasting friendship started on Windows Live Spaces and culminated in the person in question being a bridesmaid at my wedding and working for me for a few years.

  5. Congratulations! I’ve been blogging somewhere or another since the 90s. I’ve always enjoyed having somewhere to write a bit. The current blog just hit eight years the day you posted this, actually. I’d completely forgotten!

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