The Possession – Michael Rutger


A group of explorers arrive in the remote town of Birchlake, Northern California, to investigate the appearance of mysterious stone walls.


A teenage girl has disappeared without a trace.


Soon it becomes clear that the two events may be connected in the most terrifying way. Because sometimes the walls we build end up closing us in .

Here we go – the second instalment of The Anomaly Files and our old chums are back. Nolan and the crew are up in Northern California investigating some rather mysterious stone walls for their YouTube channel, whilst Nolan’s ex, Kristy looks into the story of a missing girl.

Except Nolan kind of sort of didn’t tell the Scooby Gang that she’s there…

I loved the first book, The Anomaly (one of my books of 2018). It was a lot of fun as Nolan and the crew investigated weird goings-on in a mysterious cavern where lots of things went very very wrong.

The Possession is a slightly different beast – spookier (ooh, witches), more unsettling (you’ll never look at a stone wall in quite the same way, especially in a wood) but the gang’s banter is still fun even as unpleasant things unfold.

Small town weirdness. Odd characters. Great plot that’ll keep you turning the pages (with the light firmly on). Amused to see that Michael Rutger has graduated from ‘for fans of Dan Brown‘ on the cover of The Anomaly, to ‘for fans of Stephen King‘ here.

I’m happy to say that I’m a huge fan of Michael Rutger (and his alter-ego, Michael Marshall Smith), and would happily take one of his books over either Mr Brown or Mr King any day.

Highly recommended.

The Possession by Michael Rutger is published by Zaffre in July 2019. Many thanks to the publisher for an advance copy of the book via NetGalley to review.

Author: dave

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5 thoughts on “The Possession – Michael Rutger”

  1. I’ve just finished this one myself. I hadn’t read the first one, but still really enjoyed this creepy tale. Some parts seriously freaked me out!

      1. It sounds excellent! Now I just need to squeeze it in between all the other books vying for attention…

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