Random Sh*t Flying Through The Air – Jackson Ford

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Teagan Frost’s life is finally back on track. Her role working for the government as a psychokinetic operative is going well and she might even be on course for convincing her crush to go out with her. But, little does she know, that sh*t is about to hit the fan . . .

A young boy with the ability to cause earthquakes has come to Los Angeles – home to the San Andreas, one of the most lethal fault lines in the world. If Teagan can’t stop him, the entire city – and the rest of California – could be wiped off the map.

Random Sh*t Flying Through The Air is the followup to The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind by the enigmatic Jackson Ford. I really enjoyed the first book, with its wall-to-wall shenanigans and Teagan Frost’s snarkiness and wise-ass internal monologue, so I was greatly looking forward to the sequel.

Then it transpired that Jackson Ford is actually Rob Boffard, author of some of my favourite kick-ass high-octane sci-fi, Tracer, Zero-G and and Impact. With the benefit of hindsight, I should have guessed. Awesome female lead, cracking action and a plot that just won’t quit.

Anyhoo. Having discovered Jackson Ford’s secret identity, this left me wanting to read Random Sh*t even more.

And reader, I was not disappointed. Ford takes everything we loved about book 1, cranks all those dials firmly up to 11 and lets rip. Book 2 is even bigger, even better, with all of our favourites back in action.

And they’re on the hunt for the most terrifying four year-old you’ll ever have the misfortune to cross paths with. Seriously, this kid is bad news. You thought temper tantrums were bad. Just wait until you get a genius-level child who revels in destruction. And I’m not talking about smashing up lego here, this is some serious earthquake action going on.

Sit back, strap yourself in. Teagan and the gang are going to take you on a wild ride.

Solidly recommended.

Random Sh*t Flying Through The Air by Jackson Ford is published by Orbit Books. Many thanks to Nazia Khatun from Orbit for the review copy.

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