Hard Time – Jodi Taylor

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Team Weird are back causing havoc in the Time Police in this irresistible spin-off series by international bestseller Jodi Taylor, author of The Chronicles of St Mary’s. If you love Doctor Who, Ben Aaronovitch and Jasper Fforde, you’ll love the Time Police.

A time slip in Versailles, problems in the Ice Age and illegal time travellers in need of rescue. Must be a job for the Time Police.

Luke, Jane and Matthew are back and ready to cause havoc – inadvertently or otherwise – in their latest adventures.

Following on from the adventures of Team Weird in the first book, Doing Time, we’re back with another rollicking adventure up and down the time streams with our favourite Time Police recruits. If you’ve read the first (and if not, why not?) then I heartily suggest that you do, then get yourself back for this, round two.

Doing Time and Hard Time are both spin-offs from Jodi Taylor’s hugely successful Chronicles of St Mary’s, which I still haven’t had a chance to read. Note to self: catch up!

Our lovable (if that’s the right word) misfits are thrust straight into the action to go and retrieve an illegal time tourist who has got lost in the past, who just happens to be Luke’s ex. Ooops. Before long, they’re hot on the trail of the criminals behind this new (and very very illegal) form of tourism.

Hijinks ensue. Boy, do they ensue.

As with the first book, this is a huge amount of fun (and boy, at 500+ pages, I’m not kidding about the huge bit). But even for such a big book it’s a quick read. The plot fairly rattles along, and we follow our heroes from 17th Century England, call in on Marie Antoinette, and even end up with the team in a *very* chilly spot.

Great fun. Grab yourself a copy and strap yourselves in for the ride!

Hard Time by Jodi Taylor is published by Headline, and is out now in hardback. Huge thanks to the publisher for an advance copy of Jodi Taylor’s book to review for the blog tour.

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