The Vicar Man by Amelia Crowley

Dora is a barmaid.
Usually her life is fairly simple: she gets up, cleans the inn, feeds the chickens, argues with the increasingly obstreperous cockerel, listens to the woes of her fellow barmaid, avoids doing the laundry, and serves drinks to the motley crew of islanders who lurk about the taproom every night.
The same old routine, day in, day out.

Tonight, though, is different.

Tonight, just one week before the vernal equinox, after a catastrophically bad harvest the year before, a stranger has walked into the bar…

The Vicar Man is an utterly splendid historical fantasy, with a lovely line in folk horror and humour. A young, single, male priest turns up on the island a week before the equinox, and the villagers are looking for someone… special to help with the harvest.

Oh dear. Reverend Norman Portwhistle doesn’t quite know what’s about to hit him. And can the lovely Dora save the day?

I enjoyed this enormously, though it took me far too long to twig about the title! Loved the characters, especially Dora the barmaid. And the writing is witty, the plot engaging and it fair bounces along.

A delight to read, and well worth your time to check out!

Author: dave

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