Monty and the getaway

A short piece of fiction for your entertainment featuring Monty, gentleman thief, and his long-suffering PA, Molly. ~~~ The wind whistled over the damp cobbles, adding to the icy chill in the air. Molly picked her way between the frost-rimmed puddles reflecting the dingy sodium light of the street lamps. She shivered and pulled her … Continue reading “Monty and the getaway”

Monty: Prank calls

“Who are you phoning?” asked Molly, looking up from her computer monitor.  “Oh, don’t mind me,” he replied, flicking through the telephone directory he’d been carrying as he walked into her office. “Ah. There we go. Mind if I use your phone?” Monty picked up the telephone and started pressing buttons, checking against the number … Continue reading “Monty: Prank calls”

Monty: I’m not drunk…

“I’m NOT FRUNK! Not at *all*! dunk… drunk…” Monty slurred, waving a finger for emphasis. He decided that being upright was entirely too much trouble, so half-sat, half-fell to the ground, whereupon he started giggling gently to himself. Molly glared at him. “Get your sorry backside *up* off the floor, or I will personally see … Continue reading “Monty: I’m not drunk…”

Hall of Mirrors – guest post by Christopher Fowler

Today I’m delighted to welcome Christopher Fowler to the blog as part of the tour for his new Bryant & May book, Hall of Mirrors. Without further ado, I shall turn the floor over to Mr Fowler… ARTHUR BRYANT: ‘These hippies are selfish and irresponsible. I’ll tell you what made our nation the bastion of … Continue reading “Hall of Mirrors – guest post by Christopher Fowler”

Happy birthday, espresso coco!

Today marks the ninth birthday of this little blog. Nine years! blimey. It started, as all good blogs should, with a Hello World! post: Ah,  another blog. The old one sort of vanished, so let’s try again. The ‘old’ one could have referred to several other blogs I had around at the time, so I’m not … Continue reading “Happy birthday, espresso coco!”