Instagram inspiration: @trashhand

Thinking about starting a new series on here looking at Instagram photographers I really admire.

First up is Trashhand, a photographer from Chicago. First came across his work on his Skillshare class Cityscape Photography. It’s a fantastic class and I’d highly recommend it. Blown away to discover he only started shooting in 2011!

I’d also recommend checking out his blog for some more superb photographs.

I was fascinated to see how he goes about making photographs for his instagram feed. Well worth a look.

This may become a regular series. Who are your favourite instagrammers?

black coffee

The quote made me laugh. šŸ™‚

An Apple a day

glowing apple logo on the back of a Macbook Pro laptop
glowing apple logo on the back of a Macbook Pro laptop

Sadly not my shiny. Working on some cunning ideas for a new project in a coffee shop (naturally). I was going old-school with notebook[1] and pen[2] vs a MacBook Pro. I’d made my notes and shot this photo, tweaked and uploaded it by the time my co-conspirator had fired the machine up!

[1] ok, ok, it was a Moleskine. I’m a hipster at heart.
[2] a Staedtler Stick 430M, for those into such things.