Game of Thrones – season 7

Game of Thrones – S07 Episode 1

Every time a new season of Game of Thrones starts I’ve been meaning to do a series of blog posts which follow along, talk about what we’ve just seen and speculate WILDLY on what might happen next. As Season 7 has just started, now’s the time!

WARNING: spoilers for episode 1 of season 7 (and possibly all of the previous seasons) follow!

Did I really need a spoiler warning? Perhaps.

Assuming you’re still reading, here follow some very random thoughts on the first episode.

As soon as Walder Frey appeared, I suspected Arya. Yay Arya. One less family to keep track of. I like her style.

Ed Bloody Sheeran. He’s everywhere. That whole scene just felt a bit pointless and jarring. Arya discovering that Soldiers Are People Too just felt a bit… off, I thought. “I’m off to kill the queen”, “lolz”.

I absolutely loved (and therefore fear for) Lyanna Mormont, kicking ass and taking no prisoners. Putting Lord Percy in his place.

Sam going to Hogwarts (assume everyone has made that joke) and sneaking into the restricted section despite what Slughorn said. Though why were only half the books chained up? That was totally a thing, but if you’re going to do it for some, they’d do it for all. Books (and therefore knowledge) were valuable. And how come he’s got his own little house? All the Maesters seemed to be in a dorm, with terrible plumbing, and even worse digestive systems.

I probably need to rewatch season 6. I’m not entirely sure why Jon was all suddenly OMG DRAGONGLASS IS TEH AWESOME. I don’t remember him ever using it, though he did have a swordfight with an undead dude, though I think that was at the end of season 5.

I also loved Euron. Cocky swine. “Yeah, I’ve killed my brother, and got two hands.” *suggestive eyebrow raise* “Right, I’m off to get you a present.”

Who will be the present? Tyrion?

Also, why was Dragonstone completely empty? Sam’s discovery of OH LOOK, DRAGONGLASS ON DRAGONSTONE (who’d have thought it?).

It’s all there. So she owns the world’s only dragonglass mine (really, is that a thing?) and the dragons. Loved the giant throne room. Have we seen that before?

And The Hound can see stuff in the flames. That was unexpected (I’ve not read the books, so it might be entirely expected).

Next to die: Davos – he can’t be long for this world. He’s too nice. There are still entirely too many characters moving into place, given how few episodes are left. I know we can’t expect them all to be killed off (though given past form, I wouldn’t be entirely suprised)

Random thought: I’d love to see the last two standing as Brienne and Tormund. They’d walk into the throne room in King’s Landing, see the Iron Throne, look at each other and go ‘nah’, then run off to have adventures. Possibly with Lyanna Mormont. PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING.

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