I am returned from holiday.

Short version: Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, 20 minutes of sunshine, Yours Truly gets sunburned shoulders and back.


Long version: to follow. Maybe. If you’re good. And ask nicely.

Topics arising which may merit future posts: Tattoos, Monty, EB & laser combat, coffee, LB Becoming Brave

Hi! How the devil are you? I hope you were all good whilst I was away?


out of interest, does anyone know how fast you dream?

Say you have a five-minute (subjective time) dream – does this take five actual minutes, or (as I suspect) does it happen at an accelerated rate?

The reason I ask is that I’ve noticed over the years that I manage to incorporate external stuff like the alarm going off into my dreams – this morning, for example, I was faced with a keypad, and on pressing the first key, the alarm clock beeped – I’m assuming it was the first beep as I usually wake up immediately on it going off.

So, either my body clock had attuned itself to know *exactly* when the alarm was due to go off (not impossible, as it goes off at the same time for several mornings on the trot, and only gets changed once or twice a week), or the dream was happening at such a rate that I’d built the keypad sequence and me pressing the key as my brain started to process the alarm beep. Or it could have retro-fitted the last bit of dream into the alarm going off, as I was waking up.

As ever, thoughts, opinions, comments and questions onna postcard, to the usual address…

I have a game to suggest.

Imagine, if you will, that we’ve decided to do a weekend movie marathon

Kicking off on saturday morning through to sunday evening, we’re really going for it. Popcorn, snacks, comfy sofas, a group of like-minded film fans chilling out.

What films would be on your schedule? for example, are we going to do all six star wars films? But in which order? Or are we going to do a genre mashup of different styles? Rom-coms mixed with zombies? Sci-fi then Merchant Ivory?

Amuse me, internets.