movies of 2010: Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Fun! Silly, but fun. Robert Downey Jr is fabulous as Tony Stark again. Gwynneth manages not to be too annoying, Sam Rockwell manages to be appropriately annoying for his character, Mickey Rourke mumbles and snarls along in perfectly decent Russian and Scarlett Johansson is woefully underused. Oh, and Don Cheadle tries very hard not to be Terrence Howard.

Lots of ‘splosions, cool tech and snappy one-liners. And a deus ex machina the size of a football field, plucked out of nowhere.

But hey. This is a movie about a guy in a flying metal suit. If you’re looking for Shakespeare, go and, erm, watch some.

One thing I wish they’d stop doing though is introducing lots of extra almost-main characters – We didn’t really *need* Nick Fury or Scarlett in the film – I suspect they’re in there as setup for the inevitable third movie.

That said, I really enjoyed it. I’m guessing that if you enjoyed the first movie, you’ll get a kick out of this one too.

movies of 2010: Adventureland


rolled up on the LoveFilm rental list, this gentle comedy/romance/coming-of-age movie was a pleasant, if untaxing way of passing a couple of hours. And it’s got her from those Twilight movies in it.

Trouble is, John Hughes would have done it better, and Ally Sheedy would have been outstanding in it. Though Kristen Stewart does angsty/cute quite well, I must admit.

As it is, it’s incredibly formulaic and predictable, but has some nice moments, and you do actually end up caring what happens to these people. Great soundtrack too. I give it seven Molly Ringwalds out of ten.