Author interview with a difference

Choose one of your characters, and tell us a story that has them describe YOU as an author by using the character’s voice to let us know a little bit about both of you. “So, you’re him,” Monty said. He leaned back in his chair and sipped a latte from an oversized mug. Molly looked … Continue reading “Author interview with a difference”

NaNoWriMo Eve

Ask most people what October 31st means and they’ll say one thing: Halloween. Some people will look you in the eye with a slightly manic expression. NaNoWriMo Eve, they’ll say. Ah, the writers… The day before the month-long writing extravaganza that is National Novel Writing Month. I did NaNo a couple of years ago (and … Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Eve”

To write, or not to write

Sage words (as ever) from Chuck. If you’re even remotely interested in writing, get yourself over to his blog, sign up for his emails and buy his books. I’ll wait. Right. I’m done waiting. Onwards. I’ve got ‘writer’ down in my bio on most places around the internet but I usually feel slightly fraudulent in … Continue reading “To write, or not to write”

DaBloPoMo – a recap

Well well, dear reader. Here we are on day ten of #DaBloPoMo[1]. It’s been going quite well thus far, I think. I’ve talked about a number of things thus far. On day 1 we had a chat about amusing spam, followed up by a post prompted by @LeedsBookClub talking about the film Labyrinth, in which … Continue reading “DaBloPoMo – a recap”


I am returned from holiday. Short version: Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, 20 minutes of sunshine, Yours Truly gets sunburned shoulders and back. Ouch. Long version: to follow. Maybe. If you’re good. And ask nicely. Topics arising which may merit future posts: Tattoos, Monty, EB & laser combat, coffee, LB Becoming Brave Hi! How the … Continue reading “holidays”