The name’s Bond. James Bond

*giggles* Via the magic that is TWitter, I discovered the Random James Bond Movie Generator I liked the sound of this one:

Thunderpussy, Starring Daniel Connery

Helped by villainess Dominique Onatopp and a laser beam, James Bond’s nemesis Karl Stromberg plots to start a nuclear war.

or this!

You Only Loved Me Twice Again, starring Sean Brosnan

007’s nemesis General Julius Koskov conspires to start World War III with assistance from a laser beam and exotic ally Octogalore.

Octagalore! laser beams!

movies of 2011: Megamind

Megamind (in 3D)

Went with the Beans and Grandma to see this on New Year’s Day. I now own my very own pair of those funky black 3D glasses, and had enormous fun pretending that EB turned to 2D when I took them off.


Right, the movie. Enormous fun. I went in with zero expectations, knowing aboslutely nothing about it, other than it starred a large-headed blue guy. The action was exciting, the storyline zipped along, the jokes were funny, the sidekick utterly brilliant. The banter between Megamind and Metroman was entertaining, and once you threw in Roxanne, downright hilarious.

I didn’t realise that Will Ferrell was doing the voice of Megamind, which is a bonus as he usually completely fails to amuse me. Not this time! Also starring Brad Pitt and Tina Fey (who also rocked as the mother in Ponyo, another brilliant animation, go see it, etc)

EB also enjoyed it a lot. If you are a 9-year old boy, it’ll be right up your street. If you’re a 39-year old bloke (with the humour levels of a 9-year old boy), ditto.

I give it NINE evil genius plans out of ten. A good start for 2011, methinks.

punctuation geekery

someone linked to this apostrophe test on twitter last night. I took issue with one of the questions

You have to select *one* option as the correct answer. Go for it.

Question 10:
a) The Roman’s bridges and roads were vital for moving the troops’ supplies.
b) The Romans’ bridges and roads were vital for moving the troops’ supplies.
c) The Romans’ bridges and roads were vital for moving the troop’s supplies.
d) The Romans bridge’s and road’s were vital for moving the troops supplies.

Which did you go for? Here’s my reasoning:

a) works, if you’re talking about one specific Roman, and if he built (or was responsible for building) the bridges and roads being used by the many troops.
b) works, if you have lots of Romans and lots of troops. This is the ‘correct’ answer.
c) also works (imho), if you’re talking about one *specific* troop.
d) is an offence against punctuation, and should never be spoken of in polite company.

thoughts, comments, rants welcomed.