A conflagration of blogs

Recently I decided that it was time to relaunch my blog. I’ve been blogging in various guises and on various sites since 2003.

The trouble was that I’ve got too many blogs.

For example, I’ve got blogs on livejournal, blogger, two on wordpress (main one, one about my adventures in allotmenteering) a couple on Posterous (main one, one about skyrim (the amusingly named ‘an arrow to the knee‘, one about enjoyable sentences), two on Tumblr (one main one as well as one set up with a friend to post photos of coffee) as well as a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google+ and so on.

They were all interlinked, and cross-posted to each other in various ways – a post to my dakegra.tumblr.com will update @dakegra on Twitter and trigger a post on wordpress to my defunct dakegra.wordpress.com. Somewhere along the line dakegra.posterous.com gets updated and probably triggers another post to @dakegra.

Posts to coffeecuppics.tumblr.com would update @coffeecuppics on Twitter and trigger posts to… oh, I don’t know. Somewhere.

Horribly complicated.

So I’ve decided to start afresh. Sort of[1]

I’d bought the domain name espressococo.com earlier this year, having woken up from a dream in which I was drinking in a coffee shop of that name, decided that it was far to lovely a domain not to have, and promptly acquired it. I’ve sat on it ever since, wondering quite what to do with it.

And now I know.

So, welcome to espresso coco. Home of my ramblings, cool things I’ve found on the internets, photos of interesting coffee, ruminations on life in Leeds, thoughts about Skyrim, ponderings on various other subjects, with the odd enjoyable sentence thrown in for good measure.



[1] I’ve taken some/most of the content of the various other blogs and imported them here.

on blogging

I’ve been pondering ways to revitalise my blogging. A couple of wags over on Twitter suggested that posting more often might be a start.


They’ve got a point though. I must admit I’ve been neglecting this blog for far too long – lots of interaction on Twitter and other places, but not here so much.

So, what’s to be done? I’ve read a number of blog posts from people on Twitter with titles like ’10 ways to turbocharge your blog!!’ and ‘Ten tips for writing a killer blog post!!’.

There are an awful lot of exclaimation marks out there, I can tell you.

One excellent podcast I came across was a recording of John Gruber & Merlin Mann’s blogging panel at SxSW, entitled 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!

See? Another exclaimation mark. Told you so.

Great talk though – all about finding something close to your heart and becoming the go-to guy (or gal) for that topic. Plus Merlin is always entertaining.

Which got me thinking. What am I passionate about? What tickles my fancy and pushes my buttons?

Trouble is, the answer is a combination of ‘lots of stuff’ and ‘depends what day it is’. I have this thing where something catches my eye and I just can’t get it out of my head. Last week it was ukeleles. I decided that I *needed* a uke, and had to have one. I was all over the internet looking at models, prices, sites for learning how to play them and so on.

On a side note, you should really check out Jake Shimabukuro, he’s awesome. His version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps is stunning. He’s done a talk at this year’s TED conference too, looking forward to seeing that when it’s up on the site.

See what I mean? I get this obsessive-compulsive thing. Give it a couple of weeks and I’ll most likely have forgotten about it and moved onto the next shiny thing. Though in the case of ukes, I’m still sorely tempted to just buy one. Any uke players out there got any advice for someone who has never played an instrument in his life?

So, dear reader (and well done for staying with me thus far, you rock. And smell fabulous. Have you done something new with your hair?), my plan is this. I’ll be blogging about my obsessions, old and new. Those things which took my fancy and worked out (I have a ton of cool gadgets and shiny stuff which I’ll tell you about) and the new things which catch my eye.

What do you think? Are you along for the ride?