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Pinnacle reflections

One key part of my ‘create’ theme for the year is to get back into taking photos regularly. I’ve been watching a great set of lessons on Skillshare – Street Photography: Capture the life of your city.

It’s run by photographer Trashhand and consists of 15 short videos around a central 4-photo assignment. In it we’re asked to go out and show our city in four categories – street portraits, look up, motion and night. Each theme is broken down into a session where Trashhand looks at photos he’s taken and talks us through how and why he made the photographs. Fascinating stuff.

You’re then asked to put together your own four photos for an assignment, and comment on each other’s work. I’ve always been a fan of the ‘look up’ photography, especially as Leeds has some fantastic (and some not-so-fantastic) architecture.

I took a few shots on the walk up to work and will decide later which one to submit for my assignment, or whether to take some more. I love the reflections in the one above.

What do you think? Which do you prefer? Not Leeds’ prettiest buildings by a long shot, but interesting trying to get a good angle on some of the more brutalist architecture!


sketches (2)

So, I’m having a go at drawing as part of my ‘create‘ theme. A couple of people mentioned that they got started by finding stuff they like and copying it.

Splendid idea. I found this picture on Instagram, by the fantastic New York-based photographer, @samhorine.

Part of me is reluctant to share as it’s a first attempt, but another part reckons that if I keep sharing my progress, I’m more likely to carry on!


As you can tell, I marked out the original into a grid to see if that helped with the composition. It seemed to help a bit!

These may turn into a semi-regular series on here…

Sketches (1)

As part of my ‘create’ theme, I’ve made a head start. Noodling with doodles on post-it notes, presented as a baseline to measure progress.

They’re very simple, but I’ve been deliberately keeping them so. Quick drawings, done regularly. Copied in some cases (the snowman) and based on photos (the building).

I’ve since picked up a sketchbook to work in, and will be going through some online tutorials over the next few weeks.



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