C is for…


And you thought it was going to be Coffee, didn’t you? Go on, admit it. You’ll have to wait for that one. Watch this space.


Photo of Ms Alex, taken at Photocamp Bradford, September 2009. The tattoo says ‘Curiosity > Enthusiasm > ACTION‘, which is a splendid approach to life.

We’ll talk about tea in another post. Wait for it!

I’m a curious person. Curious about things. Curious about people. Curious about stuff. I like to see how things work, find out *why* they work like that. When I was younger I dismantled all kinds of stuff to see how it worked.

I’ve more-or-less stopped that now, on the basis that I usually ended up with a bit left over, but the curiosity remains.

I’m curious about why the word ‘curious’ turns into ‘curiosity’, and where the ‘u’ goes.

I’m curious about who reads this. Say hi in the comments, if you’d be so kind.

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