Instagram inspiration: @trashhand

Thinking about starting a new series on here looking at Instagram photographers I really admire.

First up is Trashhand, a photographer from Chicago. First came across his work on his Skillshare class Cityscape Photography. It’s a fantastic class and I’d highly recommend it. Blown away to discover he only started shooting in 2011!

I’d also recommend checking out his blog for some more superb photographs.

I was fascinated to see how he goes about making photographs for his instagram feed. Well worth a look.

A photo posted by trashhand (@trashhand) on

A photo posted by trashhand (@trashhand) on

This may become a regular series. Who are your favourite instagrammers?

sketches (2)

So, I’m having a go at drawing as part of my ‘create‘ theme. A couple of people mentioned that they got started by finding stuff they like and copying it.

Splendid idea. I found this picture on Instagram, by the fantastic New York-based photographer, @samhorine.

Part of me is reluctant to share as it’s a first attempt, but another part reckons that if I keep sharing my progress, I’m more likely to carry on!


As you can tell, I marked out the original into a grid to see if that helped with the composition. It seemed to help a bit!

These may turn into a semi-regular series on here…

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