Sunday, day 17 of Blog Every Day in November. Today’s prompt is ‘how do you like to relax?’

Hmm. With a full-time job and a fairly busy family life, finding time to relax can be tricky. It’s so important though to find a few minutes in the day to yourself, free from the day-to-day chores, running around doing stuff for other people.

coffee and a good book

During the week, I like to get out at lunchtime to a coffee shop with a good book. It’s usually a Starbucks – I know they’re the antithesis of my beloved indie coffee shops, but I don’t feel quite so bad about paying £1.50 for a mug of coffee and sitting for 45 minutes reading my book.

The book of the moment is Scott Lynch’s  The Republic of Thieves, the third book in an ongoing series. It’s really rather good and I’m taking it quite slowly, not really wanting it to end as the gap between book #2 and book #3 was rather a long time! I’ve got a few more books lined up after this one though – Tom Lloyd has an interesting one coming out next week called Moon’s Artifice, and I’ve still got Terry Pratchett’s latest waiting to be read.

So, coffee shop and a good book is one way I like to relax. Others? Sitting down after a hard session down the allotment. Chilling out to some music on my morning commute. Floating in the surf with my bodyboard, waiting for the perfect wave. Sitting outside my tent late at night with a glass of something nicely alcoholic, watching the stars.

How do you like to relax?

ebooks vs dead tree – The Republic of Thieves

It was with some excitement that I spotted this tweet earlier

The Republic of Thieves! The third and oh-so-long-awaited book in Scott Lynch’s utterly brilliant Gentlemen Bastard Sequence. I’d read the first two (The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies) many years ago and was thrilled to hear that Scott had written another book. I’d pre-ordered the Kindle version months and months ago.

However, this was a chance to get a copy early (ok, only a day early, but even so…)

I dashed off down to Waterstone’s, up to the first floor science fiction/fantasy section. There it was, as promised in the tweet. I picked it up, read the blurb and had actually got as far as getting my wallet out…

I put it back down.

It’s a big, beefy, 600+ page hardback book. And thus, it’s heavy.

Whilst I absolutely adore the joy of The New Book, and nothing quite beats The New Book Smell, I know that I’d end up carting it around in my bag for a couple of weeks.

The Kindle version? Weighs nothing. Slightly cheaper too, though I’d happily pay full price for it.

And, when it’s finished, the hardback would just live on my shelves, gathering dust. The ebook will sit on my kindle, alongside the ebooks of Locke Lamora and Red Seas. I’d borrowed both off a friend, but bought the ebook later for re-reading.

Looks like my digital shelves will be getting another book.

And if you’ve not read the adventures of Locke Lamora, get cracking! It’s fantastic!

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