Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation trailer review

Ohhh, Mission: Impossible. How I love you so. Welcome back, Ethan.

It’s true. I’ve been a huge fan of the M:I series since we met Ethan┬áback in the first Mission: Impossible back in… 1996? Crikey, has it really been nearly 20 years? M:I-II was a little shambolic in places but I will argue at great length[1] that M:I-III is one of the finest examples of an action movie, period.

And I’m right. But more of that in another post.

Even M:I – Ghost Protocol was a huge amount of fun, with Ethan & Co larking around on the Burj Khalifa.

And now we have M:I – Rogue Nation. It’s going to be a banner year for spy movies, what with Spy, Spectre (yay!), Kingsman (really must go see that soon) and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (also looks awesome).

As for the trailer, it’s chock-full of delicious IMF cheesy action flick goodness. The gang are all here – Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames (he and Tom are the only two actors to appear in all five movies), Simon Pegg.
Tom onna motorbike![2] Tom runs! See Tom run! Tom has lost his shirt! Poor Tom.

Mysterious shots of Washington. Oh NOES. The IMF has been disbanded. AGAIN.

Tom is stuck in a tiny room! FX: EVIL SMOKE CURLS UPWARDS. Will Tom escape?

Tom is shirtless (again) but has clearly been WORKING OUT. Nice muscles, Tom!

Fighty fight scene! Tom does a FANCY KICK thing and ESCAPES. YAY TOM!

Spot of flirting.

Benji gets his Kingsman specs! Where’s Colin Firth? Tom inna phonebox, explaining the PLOT.

Oooh a rogue nation! Trained to do what they do! EXCITEMENT LEVEL: HIGH

Lots of serious looking dudes with serious guns and protective eyewear. This must be serious.

“This may very well be our last mission.” NOOOOOOOOO.

Random bikini. So, we’ve done Kingsman, now we’re channeling Bond? THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. CARRY ON CHAPS.

“You want to bring down the Syndicate? It’s impossible.”

Tom smirks. He’s already done SIX impossible things before breakfast. Wait, wrong story.

Tom drives! FAST! He does a cool spinny thing and takes out two dudes on motorbikes. Daniel Craig, are you watching this? I expect MORE from Spectre. LOTS MORE.

A flute gun? Very M:I. Tom stops a GIANT KNIFE with a curtain. He’s that impossible.

Jumpy two-foot kicking seems to be very de rigueur in this movie.

Lots of VERY FAST cuts between scenes.

Tom jumps (again) into a GIANT WHIRLPOOL SWIRLY THING. That looks dangerous, Tom! Be careful!

Ah, comedy one-liner from Mister Pegg. Nice.

Tom really *really* wants to catch that plane. Like, really. A lot. Apparently he did that scene for reals. They strapped him onto a perfectly good plane and took off. Cor.

In short, it’s a Mission: Impossible. It looks brilliant. I, for one, can’t wait!

[1] with anyone who’ll listen, especially if we’re in a pub.
[2] sudden M:I-II flashback! *recovers* *flails*

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