My hometown

Day 12 of Blog Every Day in November, and we’re talking about our hometown.

Tyne Bridge

Me? I’m a Geordie, born & raised in Newcastle. I left there in 1989 to go to university in Leeds, but always intended to go home after my three years there. But, life intervened, I got a summer job after graduation at the university library which turned into a year-long placement which got me a place on a postgrad course at Leeds Met which turned into a job…

You know the story. It seems I’ve lived in Yorkshire now for longer than I’d ever lived in Newcastle, but I’m still a Geordie at heart.

I love the city, from the bustling city centre to the Quayside with its wonderful array of bridges over the Tyne.

Millennium Bridge

Bridges over the Tyne

The Tyne Bridge was built by the same company who constructed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but the Tyne Bridge opened a couple of years earlier in 1928, four years before its Australian counterpart. It’s a beautiful bridge, in my humble opinion.

I’ve run across it several times as part of the Great North Run, Newcastle’s famous half-marathon. The view is rather splendid, especially when surrounded by 40,000 other runners!

What else can I say about my hometown? I love its proximity to the coast, and the fact that you can get from town to the seaside in half an hour for fish & chips (and an ice-cream, of course!)

My family are mostly based up there too – there are a few of us who’ve moved away, but the vast proportion of them have stayed up in the North East. There’s a real cultural identity up there, and we’re all fiercely proud of being Geordies. Howay the lads!

We go up there on a regular basis to see my mam and the family, and one of my favourite sights is when you’re driving at night and pass the Angel of the North on the A1. The road curls away to the right and suddenly you’re presented with the millions of streetlights in the valley from Gateshead up to Newcastle. I know it’s all light pollution, but it really is rather brilliant.

Where are you from? Do you still live in your hometown or have you moved away?

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