W is for WALL-E

Ah, WALL-E. One of Pixar’s finest. And that’s a pretty high bar, right there. 2008, 8.5 stars on IMDb, rocking in at #60 on the Top 250.

It won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, but was also nominated for another five – the first time Pixar had been nominated for so many.

I’m pretty sure most people will have seen it and know the story. Humankind have abandoned Earth leaving a clean-up crew of robots to sort out their mess. Only WALL-E remains, dutifully stacking rubbish until one day another ship arrives and changes his life forever…

It’s a lovely film, full of wonderful moments. The interaction between WALL-E and EVE (co-designed by Apple’s Jonny Ive) is touching and conveyed beautifully without words.

Short review today. Just go watch it again. 🙂

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