Loving pencils

Great post over at Kottke.org about loving pencils, with lots of lovely links. Go check it out. Particularly intrigued to hear about Sharpie’s attempts to create a pencil with liquid graphite ink.

a pot of pencils

Pencils are brilliant, and given the chance I’d use one over a pen for most things. My particular favourites are the Dixon Ticonderoga – the standard US school yellow pencil with the pink eraser. One of my lovely US friends sent me a big box of them many years ago and I’m down to my last half-dozen[1]. I need to find a new supplier[2]

[1] yes, I know there are only five in the photo. I was using the other one, ok? 🙂
[2] If anyone wants to send me some pencils, be they Dixon Ticonderoga or otherwise, get in touch!

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