F is for… Frustration

Any Xbox 360 users out there who can help me with my wireless woes? Or anyone who knows about networking stuff?

A recap. I bought a wireless ‘N’ adapter for my Xbox 360 last night as I was feeling flush and it’s a pain in the arse having to have the PC on to connect to Xbox Live. I’m having some problems though.

To sum up:

works. yay.

Xbox connected to PC via crossover cable:
works. Xbox can see PC. yay

Xbox connected to PC via crossover cable, then wireless to router:
works. Full access to Xbox live. Happy days.

Xbox with shiny new wireless ‘N’ adapter fresh out of the box:

Adapter plugged in, Xbox recognises adapter and allows me to search for wireless network. Xbox finds my wireless network, recognises it as having a WEP key, prompts me to type in WEP key.
It then shows the network SSID (hooray!), but shows it as unconnected (boo!). Light on wireless adapter flashes green, which suggests it’s trying to connect to the network.

Remove WEP protection on router, try again.
Xbox finds wireless network, promts to make sure I want to connect to an unsecured network, I say yes, then again it shows the network SSID, but shows it as unconnected. Light on wireless adapter still flashes green, which suggests it’s still trying to connect to the network.

Tried putting wireless adapter on USB cable extension, no luck. Wireless showing full four-bar signal on Xbox.

Leave Xbox alone for half an hour (running). Come back upstairs to find it has decided to connect itself to Xbox Live. YT gets all excited. Turn WEP back on, lose connection. Turn WEP off, still no connection.


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