The great outdoors

BEDN day 28 and we’re talking about The Great Outdoors.

Ah, there’s nothing quite like it. Whether you’re out for a ramble, camping, or just out on the bike, it’s brilliant to be outdoors.

We live in Yorkshire, on the edge of Wakefield. So it doesn’t take long before you’re out in the countryside. One of my favourite bike routes takes about ten minutes then I’m into the countryside, onto the little roads where it’s nice and quiet, rolling along past fields and hedgerows. And you get views like this

Sunlit tree

We’re also lucky enough to have some friends with a house up in Cumbria, and never pass up a chance to go and visit. This is the view from their front door

Harter Fell

and looking back across the valley towards their house. You can see why we never turn down a chance to get up there. There are a couple of lovely cycle routes around there too.

Sprintgill Cumbria

It’s not all about the countryside though. There’s nothing more that the clan enjoy than a trip to the seaside – holidays are usually chosen depending on the how many beaches we can get to!

This was one of our favourites from our holiday in Cornwall this year. Porthtowan beach, near Newquay. Brilliant for some bodyboarding.

porthtowan beach

And, closer to home, there’s nothing quite like being able to sit outside on a lovely warm summer evening, chatting with friends over a nice glass of something.


Or pottering around down the allotment. I think I need to work on my carrots!


Where’s your favourite Great Outdoors? Are you a beach person? Or do you prefer the countryside? Where’s your favourite place to get away from it all?

Home sweet home

Share a tour of your home. Or maybe you have some decorating and DIY plans? What is your favourite room? How do you make a home feel homey?

We’re currently in the midst of doing some reorganising and redecorating at home, so photos of the house are out, at least until we’re all done!

In the meantime though, I’ve been pondering doing a series of daily photos of Leeds and Wakefield, both places I consider ‘home’ these days. Inspired in part by Brent’s iPhone 4S & Japan blog, in which he posts regular photos with his phone out and about. It’s a great blog, and well worth a look.

town hall

I’ve taken a ton of photos of Leeds over the years, as you can see over in the Leeds set on Flickr. I’d love to set up a series capturing life & stuff in Leeds, Wakefield and Yorkshire.

Perhaps not daily like Brent, but more regularly than I do at the moment. It’d be an excuse to get the camera out and get some exercise!

I’m wondering about setting up a separate blog, or just incorporating them into the flow here.

What do you think? Worth a go? Would it be something you’d find interesting?

Blue skies


It’s a lovely day in Wakefield, one of those glorious blue skies, sun shining days that make you forget that it’s actually still February. Sadly we’re still mid kitchen refit, so have lots to do or I’d be out on my bike enjoying the sunshine, or off to the wonderful Yorkshire Sculpture Park just down the road.

We’re so lucky to have such a brilliant place on our doorstep.

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